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It says it all when the children (15 and 17) said of our Courchevel holiday this season “It’s the best skiing holiday we’ve ever had”. The children and I have been instructed and ski guided by Steve since 2005.

It is his knowledge of the mountains, his extraordinary ability to find the best slopes for any ability from highly experienced to nervous in any kind of condition, and his outstanding ability to give confidence and to break through technical issues.

Tie this in with superb lunch time stops, and at the end of the day, exactly the right apres ski bar — this is why we always have the ‘best skiing holiday ever’ if Steve is involved.

Vinny, Patrick and Imogen

My wife and I were relatively late starters to skiing – late forties and mid fifties respectively. When we first met Steve, we were in the early stages of our skiing development, with just three weeks previous experience, and lacking the confidence to explore the mountains on anything other than green and blue runs.

Every second spent with Steve is productive and fun, and it is testament to his skill as an instructor, that within a few days we were tackling red runs without a seconds thought, completing the occasional black run, and dabbling in the bumps and deep snow off the sides of the piste. In essence, Steve opened up the mountains for us and made us feel we were on our way to becoming ‘real’ skiers! We have a long way to go yet, but look forward spending more time with Steve when we next visit the 3 Valleys.

Jane and Paul

Steve has been a big part of my development as a skier since I was 12 years old. 8 years later, his creative and dynamic lessons have influenced and inspired me to do my BASI 1 & 2 Instructor qualification in the 2015/2016 season.

Steve’s passion for skiing, the mountains and technical equipment means that he understands how to create an enjoyable yet worthwhile lesson that will not only aid your development as a skier but will also make sure you have fun in order to make your time in the mountains a memorable experience. I would thus feel that Steve is an ideal instructor/guide for everyone.


We can’t imagine skiing without Steve and Jules.

As a family we have skied with them since 2010 and I don’t really know where to begin in terms of describing what a difference it makes to our holiday experience as well as our skiing ability.

Steve and Jules find the best snow (always), the quietest pistes and the loveliest restaurants; and this is matched by the low key manner in which they encourage each of us to improve and go beyond what we think is possible. We thought that we were reasonably competent skiers before we met Steve and Jules! Now we feel as if we can ski anywhere – on piste or off piste.

We have great fun with them whether we are skiing as a family or, on some occasions, it’s just adults or just children. Everything is bespoke. Nothing is too much trouble. Amazingly our family is happy to ski together and I’m sure that’s down to Steve and Jules!

We are delighted that we’ve become good friends. And that’s what skiing with Steve and Jules is like: skiing with your friends who also happen to be incredibly knowledgeable about the area, experts in helping you improve your skiing and great fun to spend time with.

Penny and family

We’re a “modern family” of 9!!! And we decided to hire a guide to get the most of our week at the 3 valleys.

Couldn’t be a better decision!!!

Stephen is a great skier, guide, instructor, and a very kind person, he took the most not only from the slopes, but from each one of the group, choosing the best slopes, the less people, and pulling us a step forward in our ski level. We also felt completely secure on days with bad visibility, following Stephen in the fog!

I cannot imagine a new ski vacation without Stephen flying in front of us!

Thank you for all your guidance and assistance, we had an incredible good experience with you!

Santiago and family

Jules and Steve are an excellent team and we have had many great weeks skiing with them. What really sets them apart from all the other instructors I have skied with is that they completely understand us and what we want to get out of the week.

They know exactly where to take us and how to help us improve, which means we can completely relax and enjoy ourselves.

Steve is a great instructor. I have been skiing for many years but he really helped me work on my technique over moguls and off piste. He is brilliant at understanding your level very quickly and knowing how to take you further without over-stretching you.

Jules is brilliant at planning our trips and making sure we always get great snow and a real variety of skiing. She has a real knack of finding great conditions, it’s almost as if she has a crystal ball…

Jules and Steve are both lovely people and fun to be around. Skiing with them is like skiing with good friends and I always spend a lot of my week laughing.


Having been skiing with both Steve and Jules for the past few years, I can safely say that they are both absolutely fantastic!

Their combined wealth of skiing related information, always delivered in an understandable way, really makes me feel like I know what I need to adapt in my own skiing in order to progress. And their knowledge of the resort means that we always find a great place for lunch or a hot chocolate stop too!

They both go above and beyond when it comes to being friendly and helpful both on and off snow, from sorting out wrongly fitted equipment to cracking jokes on the lifts. I always feel safe skiing with Steve and Jules, but have an enormous amount of fun doing it!


Over the last handful of seasons, I have had the pleasure of skiing with both Jules and Steve on our family ski trips. Both created an environment which made me relaxed (stark contrast to skiing with my parents who obviously worry) whilst also making sure the group only attempted things within everyone’s comfort zone.

This was particularly relevant last season as I had previously dislocated my shoulder on the university ski trip and was not going to pass on the opportunity for more skiing with my family. Jules was incredibly attentive and I did not fall once during the week despite skiing with one arm in a sling.

Despite the laid-back feel to skiing with Jules and Steve, they still find time to give me useful technical advice which allows me to improve my skiing from year to year. Most importantly, I always look forward to skiing with such genuinely nice, easygoing and funny guides.


Steve combines a fun day’s skiing with friendly, constructive teaching to an exceptionally high standard. And Julia’s wonderful approach to teaching our children enabled them to learn in a relaxed and secure environment.

A thoroughly enjoyable skiing holiday made all the better with their help and enthusiasm. Highly recommended!!

— Rachel and family

Steve has that rare skill of challenging you without making it feel like you are being challenged.

He had me skiing runs I would never have thought about doing before. I was left with such a feeling of achievement.


I am not a very good skier and I stick to green and blue runs but our 3 sons are all very keen and can do black runs, moguls and all sorts of difficult stuff.

The reason why they are so good is that when they were much younger we took ourselves out of the equation and instead were lucky enough to find Steve ‘the pirate’ and later, Jules Down.

When the boys were little, Steve joined us for a week each year and took them off for adventures. The boys really enjoyed skiing with him and all of them improved greatly. This arrangement lasted until Steve joined a ski school; after that he just joined us ‘for fun’ at the weekend.

As the boys got older, we wanted a ski instructor/guide who could cope with teenage boys, but who was also fun, experienced, and could take them on new challenges. Most of all we wanted someone who would put their safety first.

Jules is all of these things.

We have complete confidence in Jules; the boys love skiing with her and she has taken them on some extremely difficult black runs but only when the weather and snow conditions allow safe passage. They trust her judgement and have never challenged her decisions. And it means we can relax knowing that our sons are in safe hands.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is such fun, we all love her company and she has become an essential to our holiday!

Leanda and family